Auto-automata: retreat from comments

halo effect:
our society seems to be getting deeper every day in anomie and more and more far from autonomy as an effort ...we tried to see the situation in society and culture and look for directions to a possible way out the molar in which we are satiated, towards autonomy - personal and any other.1

Assumption of the undertaking, quoted to emphasize the chronic tendency to forget. Statements that resulted in a halo delirium: how a certain idealism has risen to the cruelty that reigns underneath, which isolates enchantment in boredom, envy and creates a unique framework in context of these premises, although the topic seeks to eradicate the thematic. Getting around the usual pathways of currently given represents only an ironic potential for sociological and cultural hack through the obvious expressive fluxes of which it is character common denominator in the absence of forms of corruption.

Complex relative, mapping zones of interest and position, the politics of the culture of memory are like a distortion of disparity and its germs mediation - something possible, extraordinarily unexpected - actualization and its articulation are the means by which development should be supported and enabled as a shift, compulsion to acrobatics in distress; into the cliffs of reason, unwritten interpersonal rules of psychologizing, nepotistic and relentless, rules with the right to tangibility of procedures and formalisms.

Cordially (collective, constitutive) body leads to the projection of the projectile; the plastic gun holder retains the phantom shape of the imago. So, the hypostasis is here (as here in the text and here of the text is shifting time density), by self-referential insistence on re-articulation premise; project-based orientation. Because every job is a task and work as a ware, as a commodity, paraphrasing the theme.

Mirroring: interventions in information organization of the current life of culture, necessary for the application of their own and in addition to new types of affirmation, testimony and arbitration of a certain, which is not in any case relaxed, although it goes through various processes, problematizing, on the polygon of consciousness as a rudiment of perceptual and cognitive applicability, points matching the relationship of the social pattern. Displaced perspective points, outside the balance, are focused on the conscious mechanics that are possible to navigate through ontological horizons beyond experience, like primates, total recollection; so as to avoid inertial rotation back to psychologizing, politicizing, hypocrisy of ideological skimming, involved in activism of (self)maintenance and startup of rat race loops.

Locations in intersubjective and interpersonal relations in node of sociological orbits sources are but also the basis for imposition or installation of sliding paradigms, platforms for destabilizing sliding disjunctive symptom - swamp, crescendo of politics and cultures, extremely acute exhaustion determined by liable themes, everyday cultural-roughness.

Infusion and mold pouring; eco-prospectus for general terms, a lexicon generator; statistical processing, potentially programming language; outside the program variable. Such a proposal is possible offensive; as a visor and tincture of the phenomenon of the culture of pretense (memory), ie inhibitions and recapitulations, mise en abime of
symptomatic changes. Prismatic, speculatively dynamic position of sliding platforms. To be present as an imperative of registration, to be recorded, non-wandering, insufficiently critical: meta-sarcastic-pseudo-pata ... critique, singular case, one without a voice and one out loud.

Positioning is based on results, matrices and patterns, blueprints of one or another autonomy. Played on experience, repositioning is in fact an inevitability that is performed. Imposes strategies and tactics as a basis for the political-identity complex. Intention through clamps which share wild consequences here. Meanders, ravines, spaces are of a psychological thriller and how (without it) ethical cavity, rim, here it is: streams of passion and of hidden treasures / nothing of ecologies.

The university-cathedral is a signifyingly abstracted abomination, as a space of relations the academy connects the figure of a worm and an abyss as a membrane of imaginary, imagined schooling up and down levels. The epicenter of the viral parasitism, redefinition and recalibration: it loses the connections and the constitution of our relations to laws of thinking. A tectonic dichotomy of coexisting paradoxical modalities has emerged along multiple escape lines; hence the sand in the head is the decision of asynchronous.

Every cultural worker is an apparition. His rumors are devastating the customer service and the people. Engaging in cultivation demolishes a technique destructive to typology of modernist historicity as well as its land, so that its worms - the monsoons of academicism - do not penetrate our misconceptions about the imaginary. Membrane delusion is like a homeless person talking about climatic conditions, and climates are cultural differences, depending on the levels, when we look, everything is already retro-gazed. The mother-culture was robbed. Thieves have already sold it. Only workers sell their souls to get closer to the despotism of their body given to the state, they love it, they like the body corpus, the cultural environment and the anti-heritage is also a body. Culture is all masks and scissors, not nature
in the style of a joke
, says Šalamun, even if he did not.

Our unemployed, if any, do not actually have to work to survive. They can spit hard, enjoy hysteria or what exhausts them or inherits. Hanging in the places of foundation and exclusivity, every now and then a person sees something successful and
real as a place of its own deficit that becomes a landmine. Trampled!

They enjoy archaic factories and slang. They enjoy
organic-mechanical construction of culture; which they condition by configuring the wheel of the military machinery that’s rolling the legal industry; they enjoyed the decay of their bodies through neglected cognition; a persona which transforms with the sinusoids of its cult currents; change of
identity through the complicity constructed for their enjoyment and family disappointment. The villages are also cultural, but they only enjoy the new monstrous anonymity of the suburbs, which include pubs in the morning and at nights, and bars
in spring. Such is the type of local distribution, the levels of multiplication production of avatars, which carries the vision of a missionary terminator, here as an executor is being internalized unde high temperature of mediocrity, which melts its structure into an highly aestheticized liquid, an swelling alloy, which we might call

libidinal gland and valley of words

Darko Vukić

1 manek #8 (editorial text), preparation draft for the panel discusion and promotion of the  issue;
*video in backgroung: melodrama of ayn rand, sempl, 2021.